Marriage and family therapy (MFT) is a form of 心理健康 counseling that is focused on helping individuals, 夫妻, 家庭, 团体管理和克服精神或情感障碍以及关系冲突. Marriage counselors and family therapists diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders including depression, 焦虑, 创伤, 亲子冲突, 感情问题, 成人精神分裂症, 酗酒, 双相情感障碍, 药物滥用, 儿童孤独症, 和厌食症. 与其他治疗方式相比, many marriage counselors and family therapists practice short-term therapy—usually between nine and 50 sessions focusing on helping people return to functioning healthily in the community.

根据 劳工统计局, the job outlook for 心理健康 counselors and marriage and family therapists is positioned to grow much faster than the average for other occupations.

Those working in this field have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and 家庭 by providing a much-needed resource that far too many communities throughout California are lacking.




  1. 在合格的大学获得硕士或博士学位.*
  2. 在论坛注册成为MFT会员.
  3. 申请参加 加州法律与道德考试.
  4. 获得3000小时的学位后客户服务时间.
  5. 累积所需的客户服务时间后,申请 临床检查.
  6. 通过临床考试后, 申请初始license.
  7. 获得牌照.

在加州, those interested in becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) must first possess a qualifying* doctoral or master’s degree in marriage and family therapy before sitting for the licensure examination.

从合格的MFT学位课程毕业后,预许可人必须 在行为科学委员会(论坛)注册为MFT会员 获得学位后的实习经验. Pre-licensees must complete 104 weeks of supervision and 3,000 hours of supervised work experience. 在注册为律师的第一年内, 他们必须参加加州法律和道德考试.

一旦达到监督和工作经验要求, 这通常需要两到六年的时间, MFT联营公司可向管理局申请牌照资格 论坛. 收到资格通知后, candidates may schedule an examination date at any one of the official testing locations throughout California.

*For a program to be qualified, it must satisfy all of the requirements of the SB 33 and the 论坛 (商业及专业守则 部分4980.36 . c, d.39, 4980.40和4980.41).



beat365登录的婚姻与家庭治疗学位课程提供 一个传统的MFT项目 along with four MFT specializations centered on addressing the unique needs and feelings of individuals and 家庭 in these cultural communities or with these experiences.

Students pursuing a degree in any of our three culturally centered MFT specializations may choose to add a secondary specialization in 创伤研究. Those interested in this additional specialization must submit a request to their academic adviser prior to the completion of their second semester.

The master’s degree in Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy at beat365登录 offers multidisciplinary, inclusive curricula based on developmental and 家庭系统理论 and evidence-based theory and practice. 在这个领域有多年的经验, faculty help students maintain a commitment to understanding their patients holistically—taking into account life experiences, 文化, 压迫, 以及社会政治背景.

所有课程都为学生提供理论和实践的强大融合. By maintaining relationships with clinics and community agencies throughout the greater Los Angeles area, we are able to provide students with extensive choices of locations in diverse communities to fulfill their supervised fieldwork practicum requirement.


太平洋橡树学校的婚姻与家庭治疗学位课程为毕业生准备参加 加州MFT考试 并获得婚姻和家庭治疗师执照 加州行为科学委员会.


MFT学生必须完成研究生预科部分的225个临床学时,000监督临床时数要求的论坛许可资格毕业. LPCC学生必须完成280学时. Students secure clinical training placements within community agencies and schools in California in the Los Angeles and 帕萨迪纳市 areas.

Non-Licensure米.A. 程序

太平洋橡树也提供了一个 M.A. 文化与家庭研究 for those interested in a non-clinical degree program that does not lead to professional licensure.



这是一门婚姻与家庭治疗的入门课程. 这包括对各种思想流派的方法的概述, 还有人际关系技巧方面的培训, 包括联系和依恋的动态, 沟通技巧, 冲突管理技能, 协商分歧. The course will include reflections upon one’s own significant relationships; role-playing and skill practice; and application of therapy skills to issues of diversity.


This MFT course will review the major psychotherapeutic approaches in marital counseling and family therapy. 我们将重点关注人际关系理论, 家庭系统理论, 女权主义理论,以及每个理论如何影响个人的工作, 夫妻, 家庭, 和孩子. The class will present an inclusive framework so that students develop competency working with bicultural populations.


This course is designed to explore the various personality theories and develop a beginning understanding of these through an application in psychotherapy. 心理测试的概述将被介绍. This class meets the Board of Behavioral Sciences (论坛) requirements for the California MFT license.


点击这里观看mft -传统和mft -创伤信息会议视频

During this recording of an information session you’ll learn the importance of becoming a culturally-competent and supportive clinician with an M.A. 在beat365登录获得婚姻与家庭治疗学位. 了解创伤研究的可选专业如何为你提供支持, 创伤知情护理的客户和家庭谁经历了广泛的创伤, 从创伤后应激障碍到移民. 在这次活动中,与会者听取并提出了以下问题 Dr. 安德鲁神灵文化与家庭心理学院核心教员.

点击这里观看MFT, LGBTQIA+专业化虚拟信息会议视频

在这个虚拟信息会话的录制过程中,参与者学习为什么要有一个 M.A. 硕士学位,LGBTQIA+家庭研究专业 beat365登录将提供培训和历史背景, 身份, and belief systems in LGBTQIA+ individuals and 家庭 and will empower them to provide affirmative therapy for all communities and individuals.  在这次活动中 Dr. 尤金尼亚罗德里格斯, 核心能力, 文化与家庭心理学院, 回答参与者有关学位课程的问题.


For those who wish to expand the scope of their MFT degree to include groups and individuals outside of a marriage and family therapy setting, students may elect to enroll in the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) Specialization. 为了完成这个专业, students will need to take these additional courses and have a total of 280 face-to-face clinical training hours before graduation.

  • MFT 670职业发展理论与技巧(3个单元)
  • MFT 681成瘾咨询高级主题(1单元)
  • MFT 683精神药理学高级专题(1单元)




  • 门诊精神健康和药物滥用中心
  • 解决智力和发育障碍的设施, 心理健康, 药物滥用
  • 医院
  • 个人及家庭服务
  • 州和地方政府,不包括教育和医院
  • 门诊护理中心
  • 医生的办公室
  • 护理及住宿护理设施

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